6 Reasons You Should Stop Following Fashion Trends

1) Fashion trends take the you away from your look 

Fashion and clothes are supposed to allow you to express yourself. But following fashion trends goes against that whole concept. Wear things that make you feel good. If you like quirky earrings, wear them! Your clothes and your style are supposed to represent your personality. Don’t be afraid to show the world that you’re different!

2) Fashion trends never last 

Trends change faster than you can say ‘I want this pair of jeans’. You might be wearing something totally normal and acceptable today and be on the receiving end of bewildered stares tomorrow. Fashion trends are about as reliable as a coffee mug on a motorbike. So just do your own thing!

3) You can save a lot of money

Instead of buying expensive items that are trending, why not spend your money on stuff that you like?

4) Trends probably don’t make you happy 

And you should be investing in things that make you happy! If you wear clothes that make you happy, you’ll feel good, which will automatically make you look good.

5) The same fashion trends can’t be for everyone

Maybe you prefer loose and comfortable clothes. Maybe you like clothes that are shorter or longer than the ones currently trending. Maybe you want to show more skin or you don’t like showing too much skin. All fashion trends are not suitable for everyone. The baggy blouse that’s trending may not look flattering on you. The cropped tops that everyone seems to be wearing may be uncomfortable for you. The loose pants that your friends love may not be your thing. If you’re not comfortable wearing something – physically and mentally – then you’re better off not wearing it at all!

6) You shouldn’t have to wear the right clothes to fit in

Remember back in high school, everyone would try so hard to fit in… but everyone looked the same, wore the same clothes and talked the same way. Well, we’re not in high school anymore! And even if you’re still in high school, you shouldn’t have to change who you are so other people can accept you. In fact you’re more likely to find good friends if you’re comfortable in your own skin – and clothes play a big part in how you feel about yourself.

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