Fashion Trends for Fall and Winter

Italian fashion symbolizes without a doubt the pinnacle of fashion. If you think about high class fashion, or new trends, you always think of brands like Prada, Gucci, Cavalli and so on. 

The Italian fashion trends for fall have been known for a while, since we’re going straight over to winter right now. Of course, the fashion trends having been presented already, everyone has already bought their repertoire. But getting the new trends, as well as shoes and clothes you’ll love from Zalando is becoming necessary for the next season.

Trends of the last season

Furthermore, let this be a short recap on how the fall fashion trends from the Italian designers have proven themselves this season. Accessory wise the trend was going to oversized bags and clutches, especially Versace trumped with the oversized and a bit slouchy clutch. Geometric shapes are back, oversized square toes from Prada and nearly everyone else were being seen everywhere and are a handy accessory. For the evening, interesting details go a long way to upgrade your outfit.

The last season also had a comeback of the animal print. Especially Cavalli showed the animal side everywhere, not that he is not usually into animal print, but this season he outdid himself. Last year the skirts reached down to the bottom, granny-style skirts weren’t unusual. This fall, the hemline went up for a bit, but not excessively. Skirts stay ladylike and conceal instead of revealing too much.

This season has seen a big recap of the twenties, which can mostly be seen by the sometimes huge and dangly accessories. Big brooches and and earrings with oversized flowers make a simple dress into a sparkling outfit. A big no go, as always, is putting on too much of it. Combined with the accessories a simple make-up with deep Black Cherry lips are a good way to go.

One colour stood out the most and should not be missed the next season either. Green is on the rise and combining it with earthy colours or animal print is the right way to the perfect fall outfit.

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