Success Behind the Famous Brand, Armani

The most remarkable designer of our time, who created some of the most magnificent designs and emblematic models. But what do we not know about Armani ? He is a vegetarian, does not drink alcohol, mostly dresses in black, a big fan of sports is and is unbelievably modest. He rarely gives interviews, so many details of his personal life are kept in secret. Here’s what you may not know about Armani:

  1. He was thinking of becoming a doctor

Armani was born in an average family in Piacenza, a small town south of Milan. As a young man he was interested in theater and anatomy. Often his brother Sergio made improvised plays at their home, and Armani used to make the clothes for the dolls from rags. Despite those early appearances of his talent, Armani decided to go ahead and study medicine. Nevertheless, on the third year of his study it turned out that this was not his calling, so he dropped out. The blood he had to see during practice made him feel sick.

  1. He started his independent career at 40

Facts about Giorgio Armani

By the 40th anniversary, Giorgio Armani has worked as a showcase decorator for men’s fashion and also as a designer in the Nino Cerruti fashion house. He also made several individual collections under other brands before taking the important step to create his own brand. For this purpose, he got help from his life partner at that time, Segio Galeotti, who enthused him to believe in what he was doing. The two of them started together in a small room where Armani created his clothes from top to bottom, and Galeotti sold them to various department stores even before they were made. They earned their funds for the start of the business after selling their old car. The money, however, were quite insufficient so Armani had to paint the dots on the fabric as they could not afford to buy a fabric with the pattern. In 1975, when they presented their first collection of modest amount of men’s and women’s clothing, Italy was experiencing difficult economic times. In spite of that, the collection was a great success and had huge sales at the largest US department store Barney’s.


  1. He collaborates with celebrities for the red carpet as a friend

  2. Facts about Armani

Armani never hid that he finds it natural to work with celebrities who would present his clothes on the red carpet. For such an honor in the fashion world, designers often had to invest in different celebrities by periodically gifting them clothes. In return, quite naturally, when the time of the Oscars comes, most of them feel obliged to wear a garment of that particular designer who has been dressing them throughout the year. But this is not Armani’s style. He finds it normal to be friends with the celebrities and their choice to wear one of his garments is to be dictated by the fact that they actually like his clothing.

  1. The creator of classic designs with intertwined innovation

Facts about Armani

Armani does not think collections should be created every season and says he does not see the need for fashion to race at such a fast pace. Nevertheless, he keeps offering his fans new and new designs, since this was expected from him.

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